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Bill Katz is the grand prize winner of the 2004 Writers of the Future speculative fiction contest. He studied biological and computer science at Stanford and holds doctorates in Medicine and Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia. After a series of conquests oddly reminiscent of Caesar's campaign in Gaul (or, some say, Custer at Little Bighorn), he seized the title of Chief Peon at Writertopia.

In addition to this web site, eight short stories and three screenplays are gestating in Bill's apartment.


Short Story, “The Plastic Soul of a Note”, Writers of the Future XX (August 2004) 


Zog, Le Alien Chef.  2009.
    Top 3 Pick, March, 2009,

Changing Times.  2009.
    First Place, 2008 De Anza Screenwriting Competition