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Will McIntosh has sold over thirty stories since graduating from Clarion in 2003. His story "Soft Apocalypse" was shortlisted for both the British Science Fiction Association award and the British Fantasy Society award for best short story of 2005. By day, he is a psychology professor in the southeastern U.S.


Soft Apocalypse: Interzone #200, Sept/Oct 2005 (Shortlisted for both the British Science Fiction Award and the British Fantasy Society award, short story)

Totems: Interzone #196, Jan/Feb 2005 (Novelette)

The New Chinese Wives: Interzone #206, Sept/Oct 2006 (Short story)

Street Hero: Interzone (Upcoming, Novelette)

White Rooms: Interzone (With Joy Marchand, Upcoming, Novelette)

Dada Jihad: Interzone (Upcoming, Novelette)

The Fantasy Jumper: Black Static (Upcoming, short story)

Best Friend: CHIZINE, January-March 2006 (Short story)

Three Unlikely Futures: Postscripts (Upcoming, short story)

Perfect Violet: On Spec (Upcoming, short story)

Followed: Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #18, 2006 (Short story)

Oxy: Aeon #8, 2006 (Short story)

The Great Hoax Contest of 1946: Farthing (Upcoming, short story)

A Flea Market Vendor Finds Love in a Time of Sleeplessness: NFG #3, 2003  (Pushcart Prize nominee, short story)

Under the Boardwalk: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #19, 2005 (Short story)

The Last Cyberpunk: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #23, 2006 (Short story)

Friction: Albedo One #30, August, 2005 (Short story)

Boxed: Abyss & Apex, Nov/Dec 2004 (Short story)

New Spectacles: Abyss & Apex #19, 2006 (Short story)

The Existential Cure: Futurismic, May, 2005 (Short story)

Eyelid Movies: Futurismic, May, 2006 (Short story)

Echoes in Evening Wear: Futurismic, November, 2006 (Short story)

Faller: Challenging Destiny #17, 2003. (Honorable mention, Year's Best Fantasy & Horror XVII, short story)

The Worst Social Sin: Forgotten Worlds (Upcoming, short story)

Dirt Roads and Robots: Challenging Destiny #19, 2004 (Short story)

True Cross: Chimeraworld #3, January, 2006 (Short story)

Horse Years: Fictitious Force #1, Fall, 2005 (Short story)

Tulips: Fictitious Force (Upcoming, short story)

Galactic Grocery Store: Planet Relish, August 2003 (Short story)


Stephen Hunt's SF Crow's
on "Totems"

Caught you right from the start and carried you through to a conclusion which wasn't disappointing.

Tangent Online
on "Faller"

How can you not love a story that opens with the line "I've been falling for thirty-eight days"? McIntosh manages to sustain the promise of his first line all the way to the end of this lyrical tale, an ending which is just too good to relate here. This is one you'll have to read for yourself.

Tangent Online
on "Totems"

It is a pleasure to read work by an author versatile enough to weave together threads such as music, art, love, and aliens; kudos to McIntosh for the way in which he achieved this.
on "Totems"

It's a love story set in a post first-contact society which hints at a better way for humanity to live and also hints at our darker, nastier tendencies (and then comes right out and shows them to us) and which doesn't just stand up to subsequent readings, it actually rewards them.

Liza Granville, Whispers of Wickedness
on "Totems"

Last, but very much not least: Totems, by Will McIntosh, is a love story. This is a cracker, a wonderful retelling of the Osiris legend. Like Isis, Jerea combs the world for the parts of her divided lover, only in this version success depends upon casting the essence of him contained in those parts back into the sea from which all earth life originated... it's a deeply satisfying read. Strongly drawn characters, convincing dialogue, inventive alien art forms, superb background details masterly.

Tangent Online
on "Soft Apocalypse"

I was touched with pity as the protagonist watched his ex-girlfriend Deirdres bio-vid. And I was especially impressed with the character growth shown in the protagonist as he struggled from focusing on the imperfections of his potential partners toward finding a real person with which to spend his uncertain future.

Tangent Online
on "A Flea Market Vendor Finds Love in a Time of Sleeplessness"

NFG saved its best for last. McIntosh shows a deft use of symbol and metaphor throughout, and the story's climax is tremendously poignant because of it. This was a finely crafted, well-executed story.

Tangent Online
on "Under the Boardwalk" a brilliantly unsettling story that begs more questions than it answers, and it's well worth tracking down a copy of ASIM to read.

SF Revu
on "Soft Apocalypse"

Jasper lives in a near future where bio-terror, gas attacks and various incidents have become commonplace. After a bad breakup with his girlfriend, Dierdre, he tries a 'speed-dating' service. How he finds some measure of happiness will surprise you.