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Warren and his wife live in the Platt Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, where he can usually be found typing away at the local coffee shop. His first novel, KOP, was published by Tor Books in 2007. Its sequel, Ex-KOP, is due to hit shelves in 2008.



KOP - Tor Books, July 2007

Ex-KOP - Tor Books, Fall 2008



Joe R. Lansdale - Edgar Award Winning Author of "The Bottoms"
on "KOP"

Warren Hammonds KOP is a futuristic techno thriller in a Bogart overcoat. A beautiful first novel, straight out of the dark streets of noir, but kissed with futuristic neon and chrome. Very original and entertaining, and yet somehow pleasingly familiar.

on "KOP"

Hammond's gritty, futuristic detective story is full of morally gray characters, ambiguous alliances, necessary betrayals, and a lot of heart. A thrillingly dark read.

K.W. Jeter - bestselling author of Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human
on "KOP"

Gritty and steamy, Hammonds KOP is both a throwback to the glory days of hard-boiled action thrillers and a prescient vision of the next place where technology and human frailties will intersect. Its blood-specked armor plating graduallyand impressivelyreveals a genuine heart.

Kirkus Reviews
on "KOP"

Gritty, tough, sweaty, with a vivid and well-thought-out backdrop, solid, brutal sleuthing, a deeply flawed but worthy hero and a sequel waiting in the wings: a powerful combination.

Denver Post
on "KOP"

An excellent science fiction mystery of a world-weary and corrupt policeman making a final stand.

Publisher's Weekly
on "KOP"

A corrupt policeman, an overgrown jungle city that gets only five hours of sun between 17-hour nights, and battling crime gangs set the extremely noir scene for Hammond's solidly constructed, fast-paced SF debut. Offer[s] rewards to fans of both crime novels and science fiction.

Rocky Mountain News
on "KOP"

An ambitious and well-written debut.

David Drake - bestselling author of Hammers Slammers
on "KOP"

KOP is about as good as noir crime gets since Dashiell Hammett stopped writing. Yes, I know what I just said.