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Tom Doyle writes in a spooky turret in Washington, DC. His stories have previously appeared in Strange Horizons, Futurismic, Paradox, Aeon, Fictitious Force, and Ideomancer.  His Strange Horizons stories were voted 1st and 2nd for the year in a readers poll.  "The Floating Otherworld" was an honorable mention in The Year's Best Fantasy.  Rich Horton selected "Consensus Building" as one of the best stories of 2005.


Short Story. "Crossing Borders." Strange Horizons, 2004.
Short Story. "The Floating Otherworld." Strange Horizons, 2004.
Short Story. "Art's Appreciation."  Futurismic, 2004.
Short Story.  "Consensus Building."  Futurismic, 2005.
Short Story.  "The Garuda Bird."  Aeon #3, 2005.
Short Story.  "Inversions."  Ideomancer, 2005.
Short Story. "Cornered."  Fictitious Force #3, 2006.
Short Story, "Hooking Up."  Futurismic, 2006.

Novelette, "The Wizard of Macatawa," Paradox #11, 2007.




"Crossing Borders"

Strange Horizons featured two strong original science fiction stories in August. [...] Tom Doyle's 'Crossing Borders' is a transgressive story of woman employed as a whore/spy in a Galactic wrangle. Her combination of power over her targets and powerlessness relative to her controllers, and the cynical view of an interesting backgrounded political situation, make the story fascinating.

"The Floating Otherworld"

Strange Horizons closes its year with some excellent work. [...] Tom Doyle's 'The Floating Otherworld' is a dizzying journey through the mysterious underbelly of Tokyo, as seen by a confused American. He becomes involved with a beautiful woman and a sinister man, and seems, perhaps, to be required to expiate the tragedy of Hiroshima.

"Consensus Building"

In January [Futurismic] posted an intelligent and creepy piece from Tom Doyle, 'Consensus Building.' Irena,an ambitious manager at HyperCerebraCorp, has volunteered to alpha test anew head chip. Besides offering memory enhancements and the like, the chipcan be used for pep talks, dress suggestions, conversation help, and, of course, advertising. It is also vulnerable to hacking, and Doyle's story nastily suggests a couple of ways such a chip could be misused.

BoingBoing -- Cory Doctorow
"Consensus Building"

Futurismic's publishing some amazing science fiction and this story doesn't disappoint. It's a great 10 minute read, perfect for the Web.

"The Garuda BIrd"

Utterly charming Bollywood sci-fi... Beautiful & brilliant.

Tangent Online
"The Garuda Bird"

A grand epic tale reminiscent of the ancient myths combined with near-future technology, an amalgam of ancient and new.

"The Garuda BIrd"

Tom Doyle's quite witty take on the convergence of Indian politics with Hindu legend.