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In 2007, Tiffani Angus left the cubicle life behind and became a freelance writer and editor, working most often in educational publishing but also branching out to proofread ad copy and edit medical journal articles.

In 2008, after finishing a novel (as yet unpublished) she realized she was a spec-fic writer and attended Viable Paradise XII.

2009 was a big year: she made her first pro sale, attended the Clarion Writers' Workshop at UCSD, and became eligible for the John W. Campbell Award.

In March 2010, "If Wishes Were Horses" made the British Fantasy Awards long list. In September of that same year, Tiffani, originally from the neon-bathed West, moved overseas to start PhD studies, investigating gardens in fantasy novels while writing one of her own.

In addition to working on several pieces of short fiction as well as her PhD novel, she's also hoping to one day finish The Housewife's Guide to the Apocalypse, set in a familiar-yet-altered suburban American neighborhood.


Tiffani Angus's Campbell-qualifying work:
"If Wishes Were Horses" Strange Horizons

Nonfiction publications:

“The Battle at Home: Bringing the Civil War to Life for Young Readers,” Civil War Historian, May/June 2008

"Sleeping with the Enemy: The Schuylers of Albany and 18th Century Etiquette," Patriots of the American Revolution, July/August 2010