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Terry Bramlett writes science fiction, fantasy, and an occasional horror story. His stories have appeared or will appear in Weird Tales, Book of Dark Wisdom, and Baen's Universe. The Baen's Universe sale, "Child, Maiden, Woman, Crone," became a 2008 Nebula finalist.

In addition to being a writer, he is also a registered nurse, computer network consultant, a fan of House MD and Eureka, a skeptic or believer in conspiracy theories (depending on the conspiracy), and he makes one hell of a pot of chili.



Selected Works




Formidable Enemy Gale/Five Star (2005)


Short Fiction:


"Child, Maiden, Woman, Crone" Baen's Universe 2007 Nebula Nominated novelette

"So the Story Ends" Dark Wisdom #8 2006 YBFH Honorable Mention

"Accident Prone" Deathgrip: Exit Laughing 2006 YBFH Honorable Mention

"Retirement" Golden Age SF: Tales of a Bygone Era (Hadley Rille Books) and Oceans of the Mind #16

"The Seal of Gilgamesh" Oceans of the Mind #19

"Profits" Oceans of the Mind #14

"The Fallen Angels of Jude" Forgotten Worlds 2006

"Ghost of Innocence" Horror Garage #8 2005 YBFH Honorable Mention

"The Smell of Dangerous Jasmine" Neo-Opsis, Best of Neo-Opsis (Bonduran), and Bewildering Tales




"Family Blood" Weird Tales

"Descant" H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror

"Sallie's Price" Electric Velocipede