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Suzanne Palmer lives in western Massachusetts in a magical place known as the Happy Valley where the rules of reality do not apply. To whit: last year she had a tree frog infestation in her house (yes, indoors). She has a daughter, three cats, two dogs, and a whole lot of fish. (The tree frogs were very carefully -- and a little regretfully -- transplanted back outdoors last summer.)

Originally trained as a fine artist, she has exhibited sculpture at both local conventions (Arisia) and at Noreascon IV (Worldcon 2004). As her art took on more and more narrative elements, she finally jumped the fence into writing in 2001. Since then she has published several short stories and poems, and has finished a full-length science fiction novel that is currently on submission to a publisher. With writing and sculpture being the lucrative career choices that they are, she currently spends her days being an IT manager for a local institute of higher education.

Suzanne's most recently published story, Spheres, which appeared in Interzone 207, made the preliminary nominations for Best Short Story of 2006 by the British Science Fiction Association. She is now busy at work on a new novel, in which lots of stuff will most assuredly get blown up, smashed together, and otherwise spectacularly mangled for your entertainment.


The Ins and Outs of Intergalactic Diplomacy, Andromeda Spaceways no. 20, Oct 2005.

Crashlanders' Alphabet (poem),Tales From The Asylum, Year Two Anthology, 2005

And Then (poem),Andromeda Spaceways no. 23, June 2006

He's Got Skeletons, Aoife's Kiss, Dec 2006

Spheres,Interzone 207, Nov/Dec 2006
(made the preliminary nominations for Best Short Story of 2006 by the British Science Fiction Association)

Swift River Hopping Pitcher Plant, Field Guide To Surreal Botany, forthcoming

The Neighborly Thing, Andromeda Spaceways, forthcoming