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HWA (Horror Writers Association)
SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Association)

Contests & Awards

“Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate”*— Honorable Mention in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2006
"Frost Bitten"
—2007 Rhysling Award nomination (pending)
“Atom’s Apple”—2007 Rhysling Award nomination (pending)
"Phantasia!"—2007 Rhysling Award nomination (pending)
“Atom’s Apple” –John B. Baker Award nomination
“O is for October”—2006 Rhysling Award nomination
“American Requiem”—2006 Rhysling Award nomination
“Listen to the wind … ”—2006 Dwarf Stars Award nomination
“Silver Anniversary”—1st Place winner Wicked Karnival’s “Killer Kritique” Contest
“double abortion ku”—1st Place winner “haikruel” contest at Gorelets (online)
“The Brood vs. The Oompa Loompas”—2nd Place winner “Mash Your Own Monsters” contest at Gorelets (online)
“Belle Epoch”—L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future finalist
“Bodice Ripper”—The Harrow Annual 2006 (1 of 10 finalists; antho forthcoming)


“Excerpts from Sabine’s Notebook” & “Exhale”—ZamBomba!
“The Red Wheelbarrow Revisited”, “the stinger”, & “4 ku”—HaikuHut (online)
“The Cunning Linguist”—Outword Magazine
"The Blind Nympholept"—Romantics Quarterly
"O is for October"—WK: Halloween Horrors
"Wicked Karnival: A Tribute to Tod Browning Jr."—Wicked Karnival #4
"American Requiem" & "The Story of Little Wet-the-bed"—Wicked Karnival #5
"Phantasia!"—Bondage: Tales of Obsession
"Atom's Apple" (w/Roger E. Naylor) & “Bomb ku”—Scifaikuest 4th Anniversary Issue
"Crane's Eye" & "Cupid"—Fig Leaf Monthly
"Icky Lime Ricky", "Crime of Passion", & "Luck"—Poet’s Espresso
"Frost Bitten"—Dark Wisdom #10
"Pele", "The Exiles", & "Apocalyptic Sonnet"—Black Petals
"Uroboros", "Conqueror Worm", & "The Plainfield Ghoul"—Doorways #0
“crucifix ku”—Scifaikuest
"What's in a Name?"—Star*Line
"Clay and the Skimmer"—Hungur
"Love and the Priciples of the Quantum Theory"—Magazine of Speculative Poetry
"Supernova"—Fig Leaf Quarterly


“Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate”*—ChiZine
“The War”—Fantasy Readers Wanted – Apply Within (antho)
“Silver Anniversary”—Wicked Karnival #4
“Mary Jane Minuscule”—Voodoo Poets (online)
“Elf-fire”—Enchanted Realms (antho)
“Pombo Finds His Waterloo”—Connections
“Swallowed!”—Wicked Karnival #7
“The Cosmic Adventures of Old Mother Hubble and the Dog Star”—Sam’s Dot Publishing’s 2006 calendar
“Keep Tahoe Blue”—Shadow Box (multimedia antho)
“Who Killed Cock Robin?”—Splatter Canvas (online)
“The Mundane Comedy”—LiveJournal (online)
“Here There Be Tygers”—Raw Meat (forthcoming)

“Das Märchen”—Vault of Punk Horror (forthcoming)
“Virtual Pair: The Final Peril”—Bleed My Heart Romantic (forthcoming)

Interviews conducted

Ellen Datlow—Wicked Karnival #6
Michael A. Arnzen—Doorways Magazine #1
Deborah P. Kolodji—Doorways Magazine #2 (forthcoming)
Bruce Boston & Marge Simon—Doorways Magazine #3 (forthcoming)
John Edward Lawson—Doorways Magazine #4 (forthcoming)


“Crane’s Eye”—SFPA Halloween Reading
“Betty Rage”— (forthcoming)


“Silver Anniversary”—Fahrenheit (Polish)
“Belle Epoch”—sic (forthcoming)
“Here There Be Tygers”—sic (forthcoming)
“Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate”*—sic (forthcoming)
“Das Märchen”—sic (forthcoming)
“Who Killed Cock Robin?”—Footsteps in the Dark (Romanian)


Poetry Editor, Doorways Magazine
Interviewed in Wicked Karnival #7 (Aug. ’06)
Featured Author in Wicked Karnival #7 (Aug. ’06)
Featured Poet in Doorways #0 (Nov. ’06)
Featured Poet in Scifaikuest 5th Anniversary Issue (forthcoming in Aug. ‘07)

Work Forthcoming in

The Queer Collection: Prose and Poetry 2007, Star*Line, Raw Meat, Vintage Moon, The Harrow Annual, Bleed My Heart Romantic, & Sun, Shadow, Mountain.



"Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate"

a story that should be read in a time and place where you won't be interrupted. It consists of a blend of fact and folklore, poetry and story. It consists of segments labeled with nonfictional headers that sometimes repeat themselves while continuing to expand the story's bizarre landscape. It is a story of a bewitched child, blessed, but taken away in her youth. Taken away and taken away again. It is a story about bees and honey, myth and homemade remedies, tigers and castles. It has princes and angels and aliens. It's not a typical narrative and it is not light reading. A surrealistic fairy tale without a happily ever after, unless the happy is for the survival and growth of something we, as humans, are not.

Eric Joel Bresin, TANGENT
"Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomagranate"

hard to define, hard to discuss, and hard to completely contemplate. No review could possibly do this story justice. It is slipstream boardering on unadulterated surrealism. Parts of it read like an encyclopedia, others read like an actual story, and others like a science or math lesson. It has aliens, poetry, and relies heavily on the Sleeping Beauty achetype, as well as pomegranates and honey as repeating motifs. Firmly reminiscent of the Kelly Link school of writing, yet Wilson manages to do something in that tradition all on his own. It also had some feminist elements thrown into the mix, which are depicted with originality via the imagery: As the drone ejaculates into the queen, his genitals are ripped from him, rupturing his abdomen. His male organ left dangling from the queens vulva, the male plummets to the earth and dies. Too bad many of the themes get slightly buried under the style, however it gets major brownie points for that particular style. I hope this one gets nominated for the Tiptree award.

"Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate"

a highly unique story This one grows on you the more you read a flight of fantasy that is at once entertaining and strangely educational. Its hard to coherently describe this story without giving certain elements away: suffice it to say bees are a big component and the prose is unlike anything youll have come across before.

Julia Sevin, Creeping Hemlock Press

Dream was my favorite read of last year [2005]. It's the kind of really elaborate, well organized, simultaneously poetic and smarty-pantsie kind of thing that I both adore and learn from. Also worth noting is that it's the ONLY short story I recommended for a Stoker.