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Stephanie Burgis is an American writer and graduate of Clarion West who lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband, fellow writer Patrick Samphire, and their crazy-sweet border collie mix, Maya. She writes both contemporary and historical fantasy short stories, and her YA Regency fantasy trilogy will be published by Hyperion Books in 2010, 2011, and 2012. For more information, please visit her website or her livejournal.


"How to Recognize a Dragon" (Short Story), Full Unit Hookup, Issue No. 9, August 2008.

"By the Light of the Dark" (Short Story), Grendelsong, Issue No. 2, April 2007. Reprinted online in Quantum Kiss, February 2008.

"Crow" (Short Story), The Town Drunk, May 2007

"Locked Doors" (Short Story), Strange Horizons, Jan 07

"Inside the Tower" (Short Story), Strange Horizons, Jan 05; reprinted in Jabberwocky, July 05

"Some Girlfriends Can" (Short Story), Strange Horizons, Nov 04, winner of Honorable Mention in Strange Horizons Reader's Choice Poll, 2004; reprinted as audio podcast at Escape Pod, Sept 05

"Stitching Time" (Short Story), The Fortean Bureau, March 05; reprinted as audio podcast in Pseudopod, April 2007

"Accident of Birth" (Short Story), Lone Star Stories, Oct 05

"Giant" (Short Story), Lone Star Stories, Dec 04. Republished as audio podcast in PodCastle,

"Hide and Seek" (Short Story), Flytrap magazine, May 04

"The Little Tailor" (Short Story), Say... magazine, May 05. Reprinted online in Serendipity, November 2007.

"Fire Magic" (Novelette), co-written with Patrick Samphire, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, June 06

"Foxwoman" (Short Story), Aeon, August 06

"Behind the Rules" (Short Story), Forgotten Worlds, July 2006. Republished as audio podcast in Escape Pod, March 2008.

"Ivy and Thorn" (Short Story), Grendelsong, Sept 06. Reprinted online in Quantum Kiss, May 2007.


Tangent Online
on "Some Girlfriends Can"

Burgis shoves her protagonist into a most uncomfortable situation, and to my joy, pulls her out stronger on the other side. In our society, where women struggle every day to dig up a shred of self esteem, Lauren is a touchstone of wisdom and courage.

The Mumpsimus
on "Stitching Time"

The story itself becomes like the cross-stitch, its threads woven together more carefully than might be apparent from a quick glance. Like a snowstorm, it contains both beauty and terror.

on "Locked Doors"

Strange Horizons opened the year with a fine Stephanie Burgis piece, "Locked Doors," about a boy living with his father. The father locks himself away a few days each month or so, which no one outside the family is to know...It's quietly told, and for that reason plausible, with an ambiguously hopeful conclusion.