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Sara Genge is a doctor in Madrid, Spain. She is careful to mix her horror, SF and fantasy to the point where almost all her stories are unclassifiable. She is a founding member and contributor at the which offers daily speculative microfiction for those stolen moments when reading blogs just won't cut it.


Godtouched  Strange Horizons (January, 2007)

Pretty Little Thing Apex Online. First published in Helix SF (April 2007)

Go Home Mytholog (Spring 2007)

Family Values Cosmos Magazine (August 2007) Issue 16

"Master Yung" OG's Speculative Fiction (September 2007) Issue 8

"Certified Organic" Forbidden Speculations Anthology  Winner of the Forbidden Speculations Short Story Contest.

"Dear Diary" Apex Digest #12

Clapping for the Fairies Helix SF #12 (April 2008)

"The Gong" Weird Tales #351 (Sept/October 2008)

"Prayers for an Egg" Asimov's Science Fiction and Fantasy (October/November 2008)

"Slow Stampede" Asimov's Science Fiction and Fantasy (March 2009)


Tangent Online
Helix #4

Sara Genge uses multi-viewpoint first person in "Pretty Little Thing." While Claude is a charming narrator at first, it quickly becomes clear that he is a psychopath stalking Annita, a young black woman whos been rejuvenated to look like a teenager. The speculative element is provided with a future replete with nanos and thought diaries, the latter figuring into the structure of the narrative. Genge is a new writer and I remember her vivid story, "Godtouched," in Strange Horizons. "Pretty Little Thing" isnt as strong, but still interesting enough. Genge is definitely a talent to watch. --- Marshall Payne

Girliejones at the Last Short Story Project
Cosmos 16

Another story I really enjoyed recently was Sara Genge's in COSMOS 16 called "Family Values". The writing is really beautiful and smooth, drawing you in totally to the story. It's a wee bit naughty but you're never really sure if it really *is* naughty because it's never really clear if this is an alien story or a scientific one. I'm not sure if that makes sense but I don't want to ruin it. It's clever and fun and does strong female characterisation. The ending left a big smile on my face and I'd love to see more of this world. Check it out - I guess you will be able to find it online soon.

Tangent Online
Strange Horizons, January 2007

Moving on to "Godtouched" by Sara Genge, we find a vividly depicted postapocalyptic setting and the disturbed (or "godtouched") country girl, Denise. Mostly a sketch of Denise's raw and virulent world, the story boasts a small plot in the form of Denise's choicecity sophistication or rural poverty?but the atmospheric tale, promising enough for a novel's lead, doesn't need high-octane events to draw you in. ---Elizabeth A. Allen