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Samantha Henderson lives in Southern California with her family and assorted animals.  She is an active member of SFWA and SFPA.  For a complete bibliography see her website at


Selected Online Fiction:

"Honey Mouth," Heliotrope, August 2006

"Wild Copper," Lone Star Stories, June, 2006

"Cinderella Suicide," Strange Horizons, May 14, 2006

“Girl with a Lute," Chizine, April/May/June 2006

“Ms. Found in the Footprints of a Stoat,” Lone Star Stories, April/May 2005

“Five Ways Jane Austen Never Died,” The Fortean Bureau, March 2005
(Reprinted in Prime Books' Fantasy: The Best of 2005)

“The Bijou,” Fortean Bureau, September 2004

“Leviathan” Fortean Bureau, November 2003

Selected Online Poetry

"Hero," Ideomancer, September 2006

"Triptych: Three Views of the Capture of the City of Bisanthe, "Lone Star Stories, June 2006

"First Festival," Goblin Fruit, Summer 2006

“Cabazon,” Strange Horizons, August 7, 2005

“Reptile Brain,” Lone Star Stories, June/July 2005