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When not fighting a novel or shorter work, S. E. Ward spends her time knitting, reading, and being stupid for cats. As it seems the easiest way to get one, she plans to someday knit a Hugo.


Short Story. Sins of the Father. ChiZine, 2005.

  • First Place winner of the 2005 ChiZine Short Story Contest.
  • Reprinted in Better Fiction, Vol. 2, Issue 1.  (Available here.)
  • 2005 Fountain Award nominee.

Short Story. The Demons of the Desert.  Peridot Books (Allegory), 2006.

Short Story.  Squish.  Jim Baen's UNIVERSE, 2007.

  • Reprinted in The Best of Jim Baen's Universe II, July 2008.  Edited by Eric Flint and Mike Resnick.
Short Story.  Dirty MoneyCity Slab, issue #12, 2008.

Short Story.  In the Hour of Our DeathTales of World War Z, 2008.

Short Story.  Snow.  The Lorelei Signal, July 2008.

Short Story.  In the Flesh.  Drops of Crimson, issue #1.

Short Story.  Nell and the DevilRealms of Fantasy, April 2009.