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Ruth Stuart is a Canadian fantasy writer, writing in both novel and shorter lengths. She has been very active in the Canadian SF/F community for many years.

Ruth is consistently immersed in the world of words not only in her work at a major insurance company but in the realms of her stories. A librarian and archivist at heart, she enjoys doing her own research and assisting others with theirs. She has a degree in English literature and promises to use it only for good.

Her current work-in-progress is a prequel to a completed first novel presently under consideration at a major US publisher.


Short story, "Memories Underfoot," Haunted Holidays, DAW, Oct. '04.

Novelette, "Riverbend," Summoned to Destiny, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Oct. '04.

Short story, "The Rustle of Wings," Children of Magic, DAW, 2006