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Rudi lives in Portland, Maine, where the winters are actually milder than they were in his previous hometown, Minneapolis. His fiction has appeared on paper in Realms of Fantasy, Flytrap, and Electric Velocipede, and on the web at Strange Horizons, The Fortean Bureau and Ideomancer. Four of his stories have received honorable mentions in volumes of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, and one in The Year's Best Science Fiction.


Short story, "Embers," Realms of Fantasy, Oct. '04.

Novella, "Lantean Sands," part two, The Fortean Bureau, Oct. '04 (part one appeared in September.)

Short story, "Vortigern," Ideomancer, Dec. '04.

Upcoming short story, "Sunfast, Shadowplay and Saintswalk," The Best of Strange Horizons: Year Three (reprint from '03.)

Novelette, "The Tenth Hat," Spirits Unwrapped, May '05.

Short story, "The Sky Green Box," Rabid Transit: Menagerie, June '05.