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          Rahul Kanakia is really excited that this page is going to be one of the top Google results for his name, at least for the next several years. That really means alot to him, in terms of finally being able to cover up some of that sordid web-trail he left behind in his youth (when will those UseNet posts he made at twelve years old go away?). Instead, he can direct you to his blog at, where he can engage in more active management of his internet persona. He's really hoping that the validation this website gives him will mark the start of a different relationship with the internet, one where he's seen as less of an "acolyte" or "seeker" and more as a "sage". Because he's really wise, and he just wants people to worship him for it.
          In terms of actual biography type stuff, Rahul Kanakia is a Washington, D.C. native who graduated from Stanford University in 2008. He's been writing for several years and attended the Clarion Writer's Workshop in 2006.
          Cool. Looking forward to seeing you on my website. Please visit it. Because right now there are not so many visitors. And it feels kind of lonely to post on it sometimes.


Rahul Kanakia's Campbell-qualifying work:
"The Cheap Crusade," Nature, Oct. 17 2008.

Other Fiction Publications

  • “Living Expenses”, The Martian Wave, Fall 2004
  • “The Last Theorem”, AlienSkin Magazine, October 2004
  • “The End of the Final Frontier”, Fifth Di…, March 2005
  • “The Man Who Looked”, Ethereal Gazette #3, March 2006
  • “Butterfly Jesus Saves the World”, Fictitious Force #2, April 2006
  • “How To Be A Hero”, Stanford Intermission, May 26, 2006
  • “Like Diamonds In The Sky”, Aiofe’s Kiss, June 2006
  • “What We Know,” Space Squid #4, Spring 2007