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Pat Lundrigan is an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry where he continually runs up against pesky things like conservation of momentum, the third law of thermodynamics, and non-superconducting electrical patch cables. To combat the short comings of the real world, he writes science fiction and the occasional fantasy.

He attended his first Worldcon in 2001 and was harangued by the editor of Asimov's magazine in the dealer's room until he extended his subscription. Although most people would have considered this mere marketing, Pat considered it an anointing and began writing in earnest. Several years later he sold his first story when he won first place in Writers of the Future contest.

Pat is a member of the Garden State Horror Writers ( and SFWA (


Pat Lundrigan's Campbell-qualifying work:
"Hangar Queen," Writers of the Future Vol. 24, 2008.

"How High the Moon," at Flash Fiction Online, Sept, 2009.

( )

"Love and War," Space and Time Magazine, #109 (Winter 2009).


"Gods of Baseball," Second place, Garden State Horror Writers 13th Annual Short Story Contest.

"Hangar Queen," First place quarterly winner, Writers of the Future Contest, 2007.

"Burst Mode," Second place, Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest, 2009.