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Natalia Lincoln's breakthrough short story "Revival" received Odyssey Fantasy Workshop's highest Gandalf Grant, as well as publication in Weird Tales. Her first novel, The Mirror, a dark fantasy set in modern New York and medieval Eastern Europe, also took an Honorable Mention in the 2008 London Book Festival. Lincoln's fiction and poetry have also appeared in anthologies such as The Best of Epitaph and Circles in the Hair. A second novel, Ambassador Orange, set in dystopic near-future London, is on the way. She is a founding member of the SF/F/H writing group, CITH.

A graduate of Oberlin Conservatory, Lincoln is songwriter, keyboardist, and alto vocalist for Odalisque in Ashes, a band that rose from Unto Ashes, a New York City neo-medieval band. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.


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