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Nancy Fulda learned to read under the auspices of the little boy across the street. She was three at the time; he was not much older. Since then she has earned a Masters' Degree in Computer Science, won a trophy in competitive ballroom dance, and begun a career as a professional author.

Nancy is an assistant editor for Jim Baen's Universe and the site administrator for AnthologyBuilder

She is a Phobos Award recipient, an Apex Digest Featured Writer, and a two-time Writers of the Future finalist.  She is also a rabid Lois McMaster Bujold fan.


"The Man Who Murdered Himself" in the All the Rage this Year: The Phobos Science Fiction Anthology.

"Let There be Write" (article) in Strange Horizons (April 2005).

"Ghost Chimes" in Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest (Issue 4).

"The Man Who Murdered Himself" (reprint) in Apex Online (January 2006).

"The Breath of Heaven" in The Sword Review (2006).

"Blue Ink" in AlienSkin Magazine, October 2006.

"All Praise to the Dreamer" in Aegri Somnia.

"Pastry Run" in Jim Baen's Universe (December 2006).

"Monument" in Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest (Issue 9)

"A Song of Blackness" in Fantastical Visions IV (forthcoming)

"A New Kind of Sunrise" in Warrior, Wisewoman (forthcoming)


The Internet Review of Science Fiction
on "Pastry Run"

Entertaining, and surprisingly action-filled for a pastry delivery.

Tangent Online
on "All Praise to the Dreamer"

As engrossing and brief and clever as a Twilight Zone episode, Fuldas story hooks your attention from the first sentence and stays with you, long past the startling, yet fitting, end.

Tangent Online
on "Ghost Chimes"

A thoughtful and absorbing story about human relationships, and a vivid meditation on letting go even when one doesn't want or doesn't have to.