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Liz Argall is currently eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for best new science fiction or fantasy writer whose first work of science fiction or fantasy was published in a professional publication in the previous two years.

Liz's comics have been published in an array of publications, but Cracked Leather marks the first time she has been professionally published as a SF writer. After a long break away from pure prose she is delighted to return to the SF community. She loves to cross genres and media and prefers grottoes to ghettos.

Liz's fascination with the alien started at an early age, probably because she was an alien. As a small blonde child in China she was an object of fascination and on her return to Australia she was startled by cities full of alien pointy-faced people. Determined to be a writer, and determined to have things to write about, Liz's jobs have ranged from refuge worker to research officer to circus manager. Liz has been a freelance writer and consultant for two years now and has been an occasional Life Model for over a decade.

Liz recently moved from Australia to the America and adores creating and working in two countries. 


Last updated 17 May 2011 - see for updates after this time

Upcoming - approximate dates

  • "The Rugged Track", Strange Horizons, 2011
  • "Maia Blue is Going Home", Anywhere but Earth, Coeur de Lion, 2011
  • "A Study in Flesh and Mind", Daily Science Fiction


  • Script Writer, "Closing the Road", Tides of Hope, Supanova - raising funds for Queensland Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal, 2011
  • "Maxima Vrugleplex", short story adapted for the stage in collaboration with Brian Allard. Premiered 28 January 2011 in as part of Pulp Diction.
  • "Shape for Her", Moonlight Tuber, 2011
  • "Dear Ms Moon", Daily Science Fiction, 2010
  • "Cracked Leather", The Pedestal Magazine, December 2009

  • Script Writer, “Seed Dreams”, Dreams of Tomorrow, 2005. Reprinted in Sprawl, 12th Planet Press, 2010.
  • Script Writer, Love and Spandex, Tango – Love and War, Cardigan Comics, December 2009
  • Book and Libretto, Comic Book Opera, premiered January 2009
  • Script Writer, Songs Dreams and Nightmares, a limited edition collection of short comics, showcasing previously published works of Liz Argall, 2008
  • Script Writer, “I carry you in my heart”, Ronin Illustrated 3, 2008
  • Script Writer, Strange Dreams Webcomic, Local Act Comics, 2007-2008
  • Script Writer, “A girl’s guide to boy bits”, The Girl’s Guide to Guys’ Stuff, Friends of Lulu, 2007
  • Script Writer, “This House”, Clowns, Carnies, Freaks and Circus Life, Local Act Comics, 2007
  • Script Writer, “On My Shoulder”, Meus Officium Est Abyssus 2, 2006
  • Script Writer, “Song So Uncertain”, The Ink Volume 3, 2006
  • Once Upon a Time, Vibewire, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Tomorrow Dreaming”, Dreams of Tomorrow, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Fly Away Home”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Graveyard Shift”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Meat Puppet”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Zombie Girl”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “The Tale of Ms Penelope”, Something Wicked, edited by Troy Kealley, 2005
  • Script Writer, “Snake Skins”, Eat Comics, 2004; lip, issue 11, winter 2008
  • Collaborator with Rachel Robbins, The Between Space, Impressed Publishing, 2004
  • Writer and Illustrator, “Uniblues”, Survival Guide, ANU Post Graduate Students’ Association, 2004
  • Short stories and poems published in a number of print journals and E-zines including, Recursive Angel, Antipodean SciFi and The Dream People, 2000-2002
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