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Born and raised in Honolulu, Lisa Nohealani Morton currently lives in Washington, DC. By day she is a mild-mannered database wrangler, computer programmer, and all-around data geek, and by night she writes science fiction, fantasy, and combinations of the two. Her short fiction has appeared in Lightspeed Magazine, in the anthology Hellebore and Rue, and is forthcoming from Daily Science Fiction. Her poetry has appeared in Strange Horizons and Star*Line. Her daily shenanigans can be tracked by following @lnmorton on Twitter.


Lisa Nohealani Morton's Campbell-qualifying work:
How Maartje and Uppinder Terraformed Mars (Marsmen Trad.) in Lightspeed Magazine, November 2011

Short Fiction

"And Out Of The Strong Came Forth Sweetness", in Hellebore and Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic, ed. by Catherine Lundoff and JoSelle Vanderhooft. April 2011.

How Maartje and Uppinder Terraformed Mars (Marsmen Trad.) in Lightspeed Magazine. November 2011.

"The Time of Their Visitation", forthcoming in 2012 from Daily Science Fiction.


"How To Bake a Cake From Scratch", in Strange Horizons. February 2010.

"Space Gorillas of the Martian Mines", in Star*Line 34.4: Oct-Dec 2011. December 2011.