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Leslie Brown makes her home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  She is a research technician at the National Research Council and works in the Alzheimer's field.  She has been writing with intent since 1996 when she joined the Lyngarde Writers' Group.  The purchase of a home computer was another catalyst.  Her website is at



A Valediction, On Spec, Fall 1998

Nor Iron Bars a Cage, On Spec, Spring 2000

Preservation of the Species, On Spec, Fall 2000

Fox and Otter, On Spec, Winter 2002

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Marsall Payne, The Fix

The best story in this issue is Sirens by Leslie Brown...This is a powerful story with all the human dynamics that make a compelling tale. Toward the end, I was thinking that the conclusion would be a rabbit pulled conveniently from the writers hat, but the outcome made perfect sense. Recommended.