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Leah Bobet was lives in Toronto, ON, Canada with a garden, a guitar, and many books. She studies Linguistics at the University of Toronto, edits at Ideomancer Speculative Fiction, and works at Bakka-Phoenix Books, Canada's oldest science fiction bookstore.


"Bears" in Strange Horizons, week of November 5, 2007 (short story)

"FItcher's Third Wife" in Mythic Delirium #17, November 2007 (poem)

"Scars" in H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror , September 2007. (Flash)

"The GIrl From Another World" in Strange Horizons, week of August 13, 2007 (short story)

"Three Deaths" in Lone Star Stories, June 2007 (poem)

"After the War" in Sybil's Garage #4, March 2007 (short story)

"The Delicate Nature of Poisons" in Aoife's Kiss, March 2007 (poem)

"Three Days and Nights in Lord Darkdrake's Hall" in Strange Horizons, week of January 29, 2007 (short story)

"Furnace Room Lullaby" in Fantasy Magazine #5, December 2006 (short story)

"Lost Wax" in Realms of Fantasy, December 2006 (short story)
   -- Reprinted in Best New Fantasy 2, ed. Sean Wallace, forthcoming July 2007.

"His Other Wives" in Dreams & Nightmares, November 2006. (poem)

"Letters to Papa" in MYTHIC: Vol. 2, Mike Allen ed., October 2006 (poem)

"Full Fathom Five" in Strange Horizons, week of October 2, 2006 (poem)

"Deer's Heart" in Chiaroscuro, October-December 2006. (short story)
  -- Second-place winner of the 2006 Chiaroscuro/Leisure Short Story Contest
  -- Honourable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 20

"And its Noise as the Noise in a Dream; And its Depths as the Roots of the Sea" in On Spec, Fall 2006. (short story)

"To Her Mother" in Strange Horizons, week of August 14, 2006 (poem)

"Coffee Date" in Cabinet des Fees, August 2006 (poem)

"Lagtime" in On Spec, Summer 2006. (short story)

"Heaven" in Flashquake, March 2006.  (poem)
   -- Nominated for the 2007 Pushcart Prize

"Towers" in Strange Horizons, week of March 13, 2006. (short story)

"Metis" in On Spec, Winter 2005/2006. (short story)
"The Girl With the Heart of Stone" in Strange Horizons , week of January 9, 2006. (short story)

"Into Salt Sea-Foam" in Dreams & Nightmares Issue #73, January 2006. (poem)

"Happily Ever After" in Aoife's Kiss , December 2005. (poem)

"Dog Days" in TEL: Stories , November 2005. (short story)

"They Fight Crime!" in Strange Horizons , week of October 10, 2005. (short story)
   -- Honourable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 19

"Bliss" in On Spec, Winter 2004-2005. (short story)
   -- Selected for the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2005
   -- Reprinted in Science Fiction: The Best of the Year 2006, ed. Rich Horton, July 2006.

"Glass Slippers" in Aoife's Kiss, March 2005. (poem)

"The Lady, In Waiting" in Aoife's Kiss, March 2005. (poem)

"Building A Taller Chair" in Fortean Bureau, March 2005. (short story)

"Clothbound" in Dreams & Nightmares Issue #70, February 2005. (poem)

"Net Rage" in Aoife's Kiss , December 2004 (poem)

"Sonnets Made of Wood" in Realms of Fantasy , December 2004. (short story)
   -- Honourable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 18
   -- Campbell qualifying story

"Leonid's Family Reunion" in Strange Horizons , week of October 25, 2004. (poem)

"Midnights on the Bloor Viaduct" in On Spec, Summer 2004. (short story)

"Displaced Persons" in Strange Horizons , week of August 2, 2004. (short story)
   -- Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens, ed. Jane Yolen and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, May 2005

"Kiss and Makeup" in Chiaroscuro , April-June 2004 (poem)

"Her Hero" in Strange Horizons , week of March 22, 2004. (poem)
   -- Nominee for the 2005 Rhysling Award, Short Form Category
   -- Reprinted in The 2005 Rhysling Anthology, June 2005.

"The Sixth Swan" in Flashquake, Spring 2004. (poem)

"Rosewater for His Lips" in Arabella Romances, January 2004. (short story)

"The Rose-Child Iterates" in Strange Horizons , week of December 8, 2003 (poem)

"Mavis T. Brigham's Week: September 8th to the 14th" in Full Unit Hookup, Fall 2003. (Flash)

"Spirits" in Fortean Bureau, November 2003. (short story)

"Psyche and Eros" in Strange Horizons , week of May 19, 2003. (poem)
   -- Second-place winner of the Strange Horizons 2003 Reader's Choice Awards for Poetry.

"With the Help of Your Good Hands" in On Spec, Winter 2002. (short story)

"Playing the Dozens" in Ideomancer, October 2002.

"The Sorceress's Assistant" in On Spec, forthcoming (short story)

"Boxing Day" in H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror , forthcoming. (Flash)

"The Pack Rat's Manifesto" in On Spec, forthcoming (poem)


Internet Review of Science Fiction
on "Displaced Persons"

a charming prose poem, a eulogy of sorts, on the part of the winged monkeys of Oz to their lost wings...Bobet gets the tone just right.

Rich Horton

I also quite liked Leah Bobet's "Sonnets Made of Wood", about a sea maid who marries a human Prince, only to be kidnapped for another purpose...

Tangent Online

A wry, agonizing slap with a catfish wrapped up in a colorful birthday balloon that has at its heart a deep concern over how our culture has lost touch, where even monstrosity can become personal image playing pieces.

The Green Man Review
on "Displaced Persons"

a short, bloody redaction from the Wicked Witch of the West's 'henchmen (or hench monkeys)...for me, these are the stories most delightfully twisted or distinctively visionary or close to the sad-glad state of the human heart.

Tangent Online
on "Displaced Persons"

...fresh and reflective.

Tangent Online
on "They Fight Crime!"

Bobet sketches this tale in a series of quick, deft strokes with a sharp ironic edge.

Rich Horton
on his SFF.Net newsgroup

"Bliss" by Leah Bobet (my favorite On Spec story of the year)...about a drug which makes you happy, at the cost of the desire to do anything. An antidote drug can reverse the effects -- but what if someone not on Bliss takes the "antidote"?