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I am a speculative fiction writer who is currently living in Seattle. I have sold several short stories, including three to professional markets, which means -- yes! I am, in fact, a member of SFWA.

I have a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Linguistics, though right now I'm working in a molecular biology lab. I hope to go to graduate school for MORE SCIENCE.

I have lived in Washington state for my entire life, with brief escapes to other locations, including 9 months spent failing quantum mechanics in Finland (turns out, it was lectured in Finnish, oops).

I attended Clarion in 2008 and am also an Assistant Editor at Shimmer Magazine.

I also won third place in Writers of the Future, for the 3rd Quarter in 2010.


"Machine Washable" in Sybil's Garage no. 6 (May 2009).
"Advertising at the End of the World" in Apex Online (September 2009).
"Bone Dice" in Talebones #39 (November 2009).
"Daha's Son" in Fantasy Magazine (May 2010).
"The Ghost of  a Girl Who Never Lived" in Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show (October 2010) - This story is now available for free because it tied for third place in the 2010 InterGalactic Awards.
"Shoes Worn Once" in Electric Velocipede #21/22 (Fall 2010).
"A Well-Embroidered Heart" in "Beauty Has Her Way" (January 2011).

"Advertising at the End of the World" was also produced by Escape Pod in December 2010.

Additionally, I have work forthcoming in Writers of the Future Volume XXVII.

Finally, I have released a free, illustrated e-book collecting "Advertising at the End of the World," "Machine Washable," "Bone Dice," and "Daha's Son" on my website.