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Karina Sumner-Smith is a twenty-something recluse, short fiction author and novelist-in-the-making. In addition to her writing and a new day job with a downtown IT consulting firm, Karina recently launched a jewelry design company with a friend, and so finds herself with massed quantities of beads and wire, and very little free time. She lives in Toronto.


Short Fiction

"On a Day That Has No Name" forthcoming in Jabberwocky, 2007.

"An End To All Things" in Children of Magic, edited by Kerrie Hughes, DAW Books, June 2006.

"Safe Passage" in Mythspring, edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Genevieve Kierans, Red Deer Press, March 2006.

"The Voices of the Snakes" in Issue #2 of Fantasy Magazine, February 2006.

"A Prayer of Salt and Sand" in Summoned to Destiny, edited by Julie E. Czerneda, Fitzhenry and Whiteside, October 2004.

"Marks of Ownership" in Why I Hate Aliens, edited by Marissa K. Lingen, Stone Garden Publishing, December 2003.

"A Last Taste of Sweetness" in Issue #13 of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, November 2003.

"She is Elizabeth Lynn Rhodea" in Issue #1 of Flytrap, November 2003.

"Loving the Bomb" in Far Sector SFFH, November 2003.

"Drowned Men Can't Have Kids" in Strange Horizons, August 2003.

"How to Kill the Sun" in Issue #10 of Challenging Destiny, August 2000.


"She Tried to Teach Me Poetry" in NFG. To be republished in Ideomancer, 2007.

"Waterside Old Age Home, Room 245" appeared in Issue #2 of NFG, May 2003.

"From False Worlds" appeared in Dark Planet, February 2000.

"Deeds in Memorial" appeared in Issue #5 of Neverworlds, May 1999.

Flash Fiction

"My Sister's Table" published in The Phone Book, Issue #6, June 2002.

"The Little Things" published in The Phone Book, Issue #5, March 2002.


Tim Pratt
author of The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl

There's not nearly enough buzz around Karina. I think she's one of the best new writers around, and I hope to see a lot more from her. Give her a try.

Matthew Cheney
The Mumpsimus

[H]aunting, a perfectly-modulated study of loss and longing. ... 'She is Elizabeth Lynn Rhodea' should be considered for any of the Best of the Year anthologies, including the non-genre ones. Subscribe to Flytrap just so you can read it.

Matthew Cheney
The Mumpsimus

These are damn good stories. Sensitive, subtle, carefully written, evocative, affecting.

Matthew Nadlehaft
Tangent Online

Karina Sumner-Smith's 'A Last Taste of Sweetness' is also filled with feeling. The end of the world has been done to death, yet this sad reflection manages to find new words on the topic by visiting the last actions and thoughts of a handful of people preparing for the end with various small rituals.

Tim Pratt

Literate, smart, quirky, strange, moving, accomplished.

Rich Horton

Notable stories elsewhere online include Karina Sumner-Smith's 'Drowned Men Can't Have Kids,' an atmospheric and moving story about a girl and her guilt-ridden parents and the strange shadow man who may be the key to her parents' pain.