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Kaolin Fire is happily married in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, and was Chief Instigator for Issue 0 of the new print/PDF literary/genre/poetry magazine Greatest Uncommon Denominator.


Short Story. "Pockmarked Cement." Strange Horizons. November, 2006.

Short Story. "Hypo." Right Hand Pointing, 2006.

Short Story. "Testing." Bewildering Stories. June, 2005.

Short Story. "The Last to Have Sex." NFG. September, 2003.


on "The Last to Have Sex"

[...] Kaolin Fire's "The Last To Have Sex" being the farthest outside the bounds of taste in his weak storyline that serves no purpose other than an excuse to create gratuitous porn.

Tangent short fiction review, Scott M. Sandridge
on "Pockmarked Cement"

What do you get when you splash a little SF-ish nanotech into a slice-of-life vignette with no beginning, no ending, and a protagonist that only seems to know how to dance a jig while pondering the philosophical meanings of the universe and his failed marriage as the world comes to an end? You get Pockmarked Cement by Kaolin Fire. The prose is well-written, and there is a comparison to the outside turmoil with the main characters inner turmoil which I felt was a nice touch. But theres no plot, no dialogue, and that whole present-tense thing just didnt seem to work for this one. Im sure others will enjoy the story. But this reader's sentiment is Next, please.