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I grew up reading fantasy and science fiction - sometimes writing stories as a kid - but walked deep into the academic arena before returning to them as an adult. When I did, I discovered that a serious background in cultural anthropology, linguistics, discourse analysis and Japanese was a terrific jumping-off point for the creation of SF/F stories.

My first story, "Let the Word Take Me," concerned alien linguistics and appeared in Analog in 2008, receiving third place in the Anlab reader poll for the short story length. 

Another story, "Cold Words," appeared in the October 2009 issue of Analog.  Gardner Dozois said of it, "Wade does a really good job of creating alien aliens, with their own distinctly non-human psychology and cultural values, and showing how language, the words themselves, can both create barriers and help to tear them down."

I also run a blog discussion of language and culture issues in science fiction and fantasy, at


Juliette Wade's Campbell-qualifying work:

"Let the Word Take Me," Analog, July/August 2008.

"Cold Words," Analog, October 2009.