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Joy Marchand holds a B.A. in Classical Studies from the University of the Pacific and currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts. Joy's short stories have been featured in Writers of the Future Volume XX (as Joy Remy), the Elastic Book of Numbers and Polyphony 5. She is currently at work on a dark urban fantasy novel set on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert in West Texas. Please visit her website at


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Publisher's Weekly
on "Sleep Sweetly, Junie Carter"

Standouts include.. Joy Remy's poignant 'Sleep Sweetly, Junie Carter,' in which a bedridden woman feels helpless in her near-immortality...

on Polyphony 5 & "Femina Obscura"

..extremely worthwhile, a feast of well-written, symbolically cogent and emotionally resonant tales ... Joy Marchand lends artistic voyeurism a disturbing gloss in "Femina Obscura."

Future Fire
on "The Sympathy of Five"

Another excellent piece is Joy Marchand's 'The Sympathy of Five', a dark parable of loss, displacement, and dependence, in which a Russian immigrant grieving for his young brother visits a notorious tattoo artist to have his memories branded on his flesh for ever; by the mystic powers of his ink drawings, the tattooist gives the young man more than he bargained for, a double edged gift.

The Third Alternative
on "The Sympathy of Five"

Joy Marchand's "The Sympathy of Five" has a Russian emigre trying to establish a connection with his dead brother through the help of a gifted tattoo artist, but finding the cost rather more than he expected, an engrossing and moving account of loss and addiction.

Brit Marschalk, Tangent Online
on "The Sympathy of Five"

[The Sympathy of Five] has a lyrical quality, and though this piece is not a poem, it is more a song than a story. Its strongest aspect, perhaps, is its vivid and heartbreaking characterization.