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Josh Rountree's fiction has appeared in Realms of Fantasy, Abyss & Apex, and a number of small press publications. His story "Wood on Bone" received an honorable mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror Volume 17. Josh lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two sons.


Short Stories:
  • Apple Red - Aberrant Dreams, TBA 2006 (forthcoming)
  • A Better Place - Realms of Fantasy, TBA 2006 (forthcoming)
  • Can't Buy Me Faded Love - Lone Star Stories, February 2006 (forthcoming)
  • Cool Rejection - Lone Star Stories, June 2004
  • Flight - Shadowed Realms, Sept/Oct 2005
  • Fool's Tile - Glyph #10
  • For the Sake of Rock & Roll - Abyss & Apex #10
  • Friday Night Gods - Lone Star Stories, October 2004; Escape Pod (audio)  
  • Gift of the Ragmother -
  • In the Lane, Snow is Glistening - Dark Discoveries #6, August 2005
  • The King's Snow - Realms of Fantasy, April 2004
  • Knock 'em Dead Kid - Revenant - A Horror Anthology, April 2005
  • The Last Days of Preacher Samuel - Surreal, TBA 2006 (forthcoming)
  • Liberating the Tides of Time - KidVisions, September 2005 
  • Mean Street - Shadowed Realms, Jan/Feb 2005; Book of Shadows Anthology, 2006 
  • Only the Young - Shadow Regions (Anthology), TBA 2006 (forthcoming)
  • Papa Crawler - Wicked Hollow #6; Revolution SF
  • Possibly Grief - From the Trenches (Anthology), TBA 2006 (forthcoming)
  • The Pradi Blade - Glyph #11
  • The Queen's Wood - Realms of Fantasy, August 2005
  • Sharp - Shadow Box (Charity E-Anthology) November 2005
  • Tiny Sapphire and the Big Bad VirusAndromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, February 2006 (forthcoming)
  • Wood on Bone - Dark Animus #3;; Honorable Mention: Year's Best Fantasy & Horror #17


Patrick Samphire
on "Friday Night Gods"

...a story that is both fun and, engaging and quick-witted...

Chris Welch
Hellnotes on "Knock 'em Dead Kid"

...the standout story of Revenant...this story packs an emotional wallop.

Nick Gevers
Locus on "The King's Snow"

...Josh Rountree skillfully evokes the melancholy of personal sacrifice...

Aimee Poynter, Tangent Online
on "The Queen's Wood"

...I couldnt put it down...a thoroughly enjoyable story that questions the nature of faith and how it manifests itself in the believer.

Rich Horton
on "Friday Night Gods"

Among the better stories...Josh Rountree's 'Friday Night Gods,' an amusingly different look at football.