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Jon Skovron is a writer of magical fiction and technical manuals. He abhors sweets, only has nine fingers, drinks tea excessively, and is obsessed with theology, zombies, and the number four. He's had a few short stories published in online zines, and his first novel, "Grope 4 Luna" was just picked up by Abrams Amulete to be published in 2009.You can learn more about him on his website,, which, for better or worse, he designs and maintains himself.


Grope 4 Luna, Abrams Amulete, forthcoming 2009

"Baby Girl", Baen's Universe, October 2006
"Little Boy, Kind of Blue", deathlings, Winter, 2004
"Mr. Bunny Goes To Hell", ChiZine,  July, 2003
"Life v. 2.0", Drexel Online Journal, November, 2002