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By day, I'm just another engineer-turned-ad-hack twisting the minds of millions of consumers for my evil corporate masters. I am responsible for America's obesity problem, rising consumer debt, the ongoing trouble in the Middle East, and the latest failed Mars mission.

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I do have an engineering degree. When I figured out that Dilbert was a factual guide to my new career, I escaped to the world of advertising. I live in California with my wife Lisa (another writer), eight turtles and/or tortoises, and seven cars in varying states of repair.


Short story, "Kinship," L. Ron Hubbard Writer's of the Future, XX, Aug. '04.

Short story, "Unfinished," Strange Horizons, April '04 (IROSF honorable mention for best fiction of 2004).

Short story, "Revision," Strange Horizons, Sept. '04 (Locus recommended).

Short story,"Winning Mars," Interzone, Jan./Feb. '05 (lead/cover novella)


Rich Horton
Locus Magazine, November 2004

At Strange Horizons, September 13 and 20, Jason Stoddard offers a novelette, "Revision," featuring Gillam Anderson, also the main character of his earlier story "Unfinished." Gillam is an Editor--he prunes unneeded memories from very old people. But he has retired -- and we slowly learn why. It seems unethical Editors use the process to slowly change people's personalities -- to add capabilities -- and Gillam found himself fatally tempted to do the same with a past lover. Now, he's approached by an old man, the head of a starship program, who seems nearly to have lost himself completely in a series of disastrous Edits. Gillam decides to try to restore the man's personality, and in so doing comes in conflict with the man's estranged daughter. I think the central idea here is fascinating, and Stoddard is using it to ask good questions about the nature of personality and the dangers of meddling with it.

The Agony Column

Jason Stoddard's 'Winning Mars' is a glittering string of pearls and Finney's illustrations push the boundaries of what you can do with two-tone interior printing. I for one hope to hell that Andy and his crew are saving the color versions and think they might want to consider partnering up with someone like PS Publishing, Hill House, or even Cemetery Dance to produce extremely costly but extremely desirable full-color versions of this magazine. It might require a bit of market research to see if there are enough folks out there willing to pay the price for a four-color slick version, but I know for one I would in a heartbeat, especially with work like Stoddard's & Finney's.

Fiction Inferno's editor, Max E. Keele
on "Mini Jesus Clones Replacing Elvis as Most Popular Holiday Gift!"

And then it got really wierd. I'm . . . talking about one of the most deranged, inventive, and original pieces we've seen all year. Oh, and probably a little blasphemous, too.