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Gwendolyn Clare is a New Englander transplanted to North Carolina, where she survives almost exclusively on a diet of fruit and homemade yogurt. She has a BA in Ecology, a BS in Geophysics, and is currently working to add another acronym to her collection. She harbors a somewhat perverse affection for poisonous lifeforms and looks forward to doing fieldwork in Guyana, where she expects to find them in ample supply. Away from the laboratory, she enjoys practicing martial arts, adopting feral cats, and writing speculative fiction.


"Grotesque Angels" in Bewere the Night, Ekaterina Sedia, ed. (forthcoming)

"Iron Oxide Red" in Daily Science Fiction (forthcoming)

"Perfect Lies" in Clarkesworld (March 2011)

"Ashes on the Water" in Asimov's (January 2011)

"The Other Lila" in Bull Spec (Summer 2010)

"Driving X" in Warrior Wisewoman 3, Roby James, ed. (August 2010)

"Prelude to Battle" in Abyss and Apex (3rd Quarter 2010)

"Uttu's Garden" in Abyss and Apex (1st Quarter 2010)

"Brass Canaries" in Flash Fiction Online (December 2009) ***Campbell qualifying work***

"Breaking Fast with Hildebrant" in the now-defunct Postcards From... (May 2008)