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Gray Rinehart's Campbell-qualifying fiction includes "Therapeutic Mathematics and the Physics of Curve Balls" (Analog Science Fiction & Fact, September 2011) and "Memorial at Copernicus" (Redstone Science Fiction, August 2010). His other short genre fiction has appeared in Tales of the Talisman, Zahir, and Crossed Genres Quarterly. Gray has new stories appearing this year in Asimov's Science Fiction and Analog.

Gray is known to some people as the 'Gray Man,' after one of several famed ghosts of South Carolina's Grand Strand, where he grew up. Along the same lines, his web site is The Gray Man Writes. His Ghost Writer blog features occasional space history items that sometimes make use of his own real-life experiences.

Gray's aerospace-related experiences came from his US Air Force career. He joined the Air Force to work with space systems, but his career took a few rather odd turns. He kept rocket propulsion research operations safe, fought rocket propellant fires as head of a Disaster Response Force, trained Air Force ROTC cadets, refurbished space launch facilities, "flew" Milstar satellites, drove trucks, processed nuclear command and control orders as an Emergency Actions officer, commanded the Air Force's largest satellite tracking station, protected militarily critical space technologies, and wrote speeches for top Air Force leaders. Gray retired from the Air Force in 2006, and is now a Contributing Editor (a.k.a. the "Slushmaster General") for Baen Books and a writer/editor for the Industrial Extension Service at North Carolina State University.

Gray attended Orson Scott Card's "Literary Bootcamp" and is a member of the Codex Writers online group. In addition to his stories, Gray also writes filk, including "The Monster Hunter Ballad" which is viewable on YouTube.

Note that one of Gray's Campbell-eligible stories, "Memorial at Copernicus," is available free on-line both in writing and in audio.


Gray's genre fiction:
- "The Song of Uullioll," Analog Science FIction & Fact (forthcoming, July/August 2012)
- "Sensitive, Compartmented," Asimov's Science Fiction, April/May 2012
- "Therapeutic Mathematics and the Physics of Curve Balls," Analog Science Fiction & Fact, September 2011
- "The Tower," Crossed Genres Quarterly, June 2011
- "Memorial at Copernicus," Redstone Science Fiction, August 2010 (listen to the audio here)
- "Above the Event Horizon at the End of Time," Tales of the Talisman, Summer 2008
- "The Rocket Seamstress," Zahir, Spring 2007