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Frank Byrns is one of the leading contributors to the burdgeoning subgenre of superhero fiction.  His work has appeared in such notable publications as Strange Horizons, Cyber Age Adventures, Electric Velocipede, and Aphelion

2007 will see him helm the launch of the brand new magazine A Thousand Faces, the quarterly review of superhuman fiction. 

Byrns has also published two collections of his short fiction:  Requiem (2006) and My Father's Son (2004).   He lives in  suburban Washington, DC. 


Fiction Collections:

.  2006.
My Father's Son
.  2004. 


Short Stories: 

Hollow.  Aphelion.  February 2007.
Family Tradition. Strange Horizons. August 2005.
Asalaamu Alaikum.  Aphelion.  June 2005. 
Barflies.  Aphelion.  March 2005. 
Sunvolt.  Electric Velocipede.  February 2005. 
Hollywood Ending.  Aphelion.  November 2004.
The Suit.  Alien Skin.  April 2004. 
Requiem. Cyber Age Adventures. April 2004.
American Lenny.  Aphelion.  March 2004. 


Hero Realm
My Father's Son

"The world that Frank Byrns has created is one that I want to read more of. . .he has created believable and dynamic characters in a real world. . .we see the people behind the masks, trying to live out their lives as best as they can."

Tom Waltz, writer, Children of the Grave
My Father's Son

". . .Fantastic stories by a gifted storyteller."

Beau Smith, writer, Cobb

"Prose writing the way it should be. . .manly!. . .The best compliment I could give it was, 'I wish I had written that.'"

Tangent Online

"[F]eels like a superhero genesis story straight out of a modern, mainstream comic book. In fact, the images that flashed through my head were similar to the artwork from the X-Men comics I used to swipe from my brother as a kid."