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Ef Deal is a high school English teacher in South Jersey.  Her SF, F, and H fiction has appeared in Eternity Online, Flashshots: Daily Genre Fiction, The Fortean Bureau, and the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.



Humor piece. "Czesko." Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. March, 2006.


Tangent short fiction review
F&SF March 2006

Back to the subjects of life, death, and the weirdness in between with Ef Deals short, sparkling gem Czesko. Like David Gerrolds tour-de-force novelette thirteen oclock, which appeared in last months F&SF, Czesko is driven by its urgent, casual, and utterly unique narrative voice. In this case, its a small-time drug dealer who must figure out how to kill his already-dead friend. The fantastical blurring of life and death seems entirely believable when told in the unintentionally deadpan (pun intended) tone of a blue-collar criminal. Hearkening back to all those folk tales about deals with the Devil, Deal puts a modern, intelligent, compulsively readable spin on the story with an exquisitely mordant punchline for an ending.