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My first novel, ACCORDING TO CROW, was released in May 2005 from Five Star Books, and my second, SECRET HISTORY OF MOSCOW, is forthcoming from Prime in 2008.

My short stories sold to Analog, Fantasy Magazine, Oceans of the Mind, Jim Baen's Universe and several anthologies, such as JAPANESE DREAMS (Prime) and MAGIC IN THE MIRRORSTONE (Wizards of the Coast/Mirrorstone Books).


» Short Fiction

Alphabet Angels (with David Bartell)-- Analog Science Fiction and Fact (March 2005)

Smiling Vermin (with David Bartell)-- Analog Science Fiction and Fact (May 2005)
» Reprinted in ESLI Magazine, in Russian (Dec 2005)

Kamikaze Bugs (with David Bartell)-- Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Jan/Feb 2006)

Virus Changes Skin
-- Analog Science Fiction and Fact (forthcoming)

Daniel Dreams-- Fortean Bureau # 29 (March 2005)

Spiders&Saints-- Bare Bone 7 anthology from Raw Dog Screaming Press (April 2005)

Frederick Finds God (flash). Fusing Horizons (Sept 2004)
» Reprinted in Shadow Box anthology (Oct 2005)

Making Ivy-- Poe's Progeny anthology (May 2005)

Just Chutney-- Aeon Magazine # 3 (May 2005)

Every Eight and Eleven-- The Elastic Book of Numbers anthology from Elastic Press (Feb 2005)

Walrus Skin-- The Walri Project anthology (forthcoming -- end 2005)

Heart of the Scarab-- Lenox Avenue #6 (May/June 2005)

Yakov and the Crows-- Book of Dark Wisdom # 10 (forthcoming -- Fall 2006)

Hector Meets the King-- Strange Pleasures # 4 anthology from Prime Books

Kikimora-- Jabberwocky #1 from Prime Books (July 2005)

Maryanne Was-- Surreal Magazine (forthcoming -- TBA)

God's Chosen-- Oceans of the Mind # XVIII (Winter 2005)

Fistula-- Liquid Laughter Volume 1: Medicine Show (forthcoming -- October 2006)

Hydraulic-- Spicy Slipstream Stories anthology from Wheatland Press (forthcoming -- Fall 2006) (forthcoming -- TBA)

Manuel and the Magic Fox-- Fantasy Magazine #3 from Prime Books (Summer 2006)

The Taste of Wheat-- Fantasy Magazine #7 from Prime Books (forthcoming -- Summer 2007)

A Thousand Cuts-- Other Than # 1 (forthcoming -- TBA)

Munashe and the Spirits-- GrendelSong # 1 (September 2006)

Cherrystone and Shards of Ice-- HP Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror (forthcoming -- TBA)

A Play for a Boy and Sockpuppets-- Text: UR -- The New Book of Masks anthology from Raw Dog Screaming Press (February 2007)

Simargl and the Rowan Tree-- Mythic # 2 (September 2006)

The Clockmaker's Daughter-- Horrors Beyond II: Stories of Strange Creations anthology from Elder Signs Press (forthcoming -- TBA)

One, Two, Three-- GrendelSong # 3 (forthcoming -- September 2007)

Redemption of Nepheli-- Jim Baen's Universe (forthcoming -- April 2007)

Ebb and Flow-- Japanese Dreams anthology from Prime Books (forthcoming -- Spring 2007)

Zombie Lenin-- Fantasy Sampler anthology from Prime Books (forthcoming -- Spring 2007)

Out of Her Element-- Magic in the Mirrorstone anthology from Mirrorstone Books (forthcoming -- Spring 2008)

Seas of the World-- Sybil's Garage # 4 (forthcoming -- TBA)


Sean Melican

The real strength of the novel is the development of the sometimes surprising relationships, and the conflicts that such relationships engender.

Gayle Surrette

This is definitely a coming of age novel. There is the quest to meet his family, a quest to find himself. But, Josiah makes decisions and doesnt flinch from the hard choices. He lives with the decisions he makes and takes responsibility for them.

Michael Jasper

Fascinating stuff, and no magic lightning bolts or enchanted swords to be seen.

Vera Nazarian

With the wisdom of a Biblical tale and an exotic hint of arabesque, ACCORDING TO CROW resides in a rich fantastic milieu, earthy and nostalgic, yet different from our own. No overt banal magic here, only an echo; thus, true wonder. And at the heart, a living journey of a young man torn -- between two conflicting ethnicities, between innocence and maturity, desire and duty, oblivion and memory. This poignant, memorable debut by E. Sedia is a surprisingly complex work that does not shirk from portraying loss and war on a personal level. Above all, it is a human story of choices; of choosing sides, fates, and ultimately choosing self.

Victoria Strauss

A moving coming of age tale about a young man's struggle to find his own true place in the world. Replete with vivid settings, peopled with memorable characters, rich in thoughtful treatment of themes of love and loss, this graceful fantasy is sure to please discriminating readers. I look forward to more from this promising new author.

Lisa Baca
Romance Reviews Today

E. Sedia has crafted a world similar to ours, with hints of the fantastic, but also with echoes of earths early history in a time when the world was full of wonder. The directness and simplicity with which the story is told is appealing, and the characters are likable and easy to understand. ACCORDING TO CROW is a good choice for a young adult reader, but complex enough to satisfy older readers as well. It will give all readers much to think about and discuss.

Love Romances

Ms Sedia is a new writer with a different slant on fantasy, with a mix of elements intertwined in a captivating way. Racial and tribal intolerance, murder, family values, magic, and love are all tackled with sensitivity.