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It took Deborah a long time to start writing, but now she's started she can't seem to stop. She's had two hundred acceptance in the last two years, around a hundred short stories in all kinds of publications and a hundred poems. Find a complete list on her blog.

Her Campbell clock started ticking with the publication of 'The Frozen Hive of her Mind' in Nature in 2010.

Deborah lives in London with her partner and her two lovely, yet distracting young children. Find her in the British Museum trawling the past for future inspiration.





Auntie Merkel in Nature 2010
Baby Rhyme Time and Hoodies in Innsmouth FreePress
The Bio-documentarian of the British Library in Comos 2011

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Eyes as Blue as Cornflowers in Enchanted Conversation
Ezra's Prophecy in Daily Science Fiction 2010
The First Queen's Maid' in Enchanted Conversation
Frog Sleep in Odyssey 2010 

The Frozen Hive of her Mind in Nature's Futures 2010
Green Future in Nature's Future 2011

Honey the Barbarian and the Geis in Sorcerous Signals
Honey the Barbarian Visits her Folks in Sorcerous Signals
If you See a Fisherman you Better Look Away in 52 Stitches
Looking Good in Cosmos 2010
Nebuchadnezzar's Legacy in A capella Zoo
Saturday Girl in The New Flesh first published in Bards and Sages Quarterly



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