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David Walton is the author of the 2008 science fiction novel Terminal Mind and the winner of the 2008 Jim Baen Memorial Award.  David's short fiction has appeared in Analog, Futurismic, and various other magazines and anthologies.  By day, he's a software engineer for Lockheed Martin and the father of five young children.


Terminal Mind (novel), Meadowhawk Press
"The Rings of Jupiter", Talebones
"Permission To Speak Freely", Analog
"Mattie's Cougar", Touched By Wonder
"Raven Crumbling", Fantastical Visions
"Rival of Mars", Analog
"The Towers of St. Michael's", Futurismic
"Anyone Can Whistle", Escape Pod
"Diamond Dust", Futurismic
"The Problem of Friction", Lenox Avenue
"Dragonfly Savior", Fantastical Visions
"No Forwarding Address", Anotherealm
"All The Rage This Year", Phobos Science Fiction Anthology
"Hands", Aoife's Kiss
"All About Eventualities", Neverworlds
"Anyone Can Whistle", Electric Wine
"Fly Like the Light", Rogue Worlds