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David Moles was born on the anniversary of the r.101 disaster. He has lived in six time zones on three continents, and hopes some day to collect the whole set.

David was a finalist for the 2004 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, which he lost to Elizabeth Bear.

His fiction and poetry have been published in Polyphony, Say..., Rabid Transit, Flytrap, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and Asimov’s, as well as on Strange Horizons. He co-edited All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories with Jay Lake, and is co-editing the forthcoming Twenty Epics with Susan Marie Groppi.

When he is not writing or editing, he practices kendo, collects unnecessary educational qualifications, and works to pay off his airline tickets. A member of the SFWA, David is a graduate of the American School in Japan, Oakes College, UC Santa Cruz, Lincoln College, Oxford, and the Viable Paradise writing workshop. His favorite color is blue and his favorite impractical vehicle is the Citroën 2cv.


"Planet of the Amazon Women" (Strange Horizons, 5/05; to be reprinted in Dozois' The Year's Best SF: 23rd Annual Collection)

"The Third Party" (Asimovs, 9/04; reprinted in Dozois' The Year's Best SF: 22nd Annual Collection)

"Five Irrational Histories" (Rabid Transit, 5/04)

"The Ideas" (Flytrap, 5/04)

"The Memory of Water" (Strange Horizons, 10/03)

"Long Past Midnight" (Say, 5/03)

"Fetch" (Strange Horizons, 5/03)

"Theos Girl" (Polyphony, 4/03)