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David L Clements is a professional astrophysicist working on extragalactic astronomy and observational astronomy working at Imperial College London. Much of what he writes is hard-SF inspired by, or at least informed by, his research work.


David L. Clements's Campbell-qualifying work:

"A War of Stars" in Analog, Jan/Feb 2010.

"The Last of the Guerilla Gardeners" in Nature Futures (Jan 20 2011)

Other published fiction:

"In the Long Run", in Conflicts, pub. NewCon Press, Ed. Ian Whates (2010)

"Re-Creation", in Footprints, pub. Hadley Rille Press, Ed. Jay Lake & Eric T Reynolds (2009)

"Foothills of Shackleton" in Cheer Up, Universe, pub. Whortlebury Press, ed. Ahmed Khan (2011)

"His Final Experiment" in One Weird Idea (feature story in first issue), ed. Roscoe Mathieu (2011)


"The Stars Made Right" in an anthology from Mythos Books (2011?)

Published non-fiction:

"The Mauna Kea Experience" in Clarkesworld, Jan 2009

"The Hidden History of the Universe" in Astronomy Now (2004), reprinted by Concatenation (2006)