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I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, famous for its raincloud. I live here with my wife, writer Loreen Heneghan, my daughter, and an indeterminate number of cats. I hope to be buried here someday, preferably after I've passed away.

In my day job, I'm a computer technician. My real job is writing speculative fiction, but I didn't know that until a few years ago. As my own boss, I was very upset with me when I found out. I'll probably fire me, but I can't do that until I've finished that novel.

News as of 01/17/2008 - I've officially started my period of eligibility for the John W. Campbell award, thanks to my Writers of the Future-winning story, Our Last Words.

News as of 01/28/2008 - I just sold The Leaf Gatherer, a gritty urban fantasy piece, to Electric Velocipede!

News as of 04/07/2008 - My daughter Beatrix just took her first steps!

News as of 12/03/2008 - Lots of updates... I've finished this year's NaNoWriMo novel, my story End User posted at, and I've managed to return to regular writing after a long hiatus due to baby care.

News as of 09/08/2009 - Another big update. Sold The Stonecutter to Electric Velocipede, another fantasy piece. I guess I'm a fantasy writer now. Writing is ongoing, though I took a two-month hiatus for toddler-care, and strongly suspect little-girl-care, tween-care, and teen-care hiatuses are on the horizon.

News as of 12/31/2009 - My website, at, is now live! Not much content yet, but it'll get there.


Our Last Words - Writers of the Future anthology, Volume XXIII (Published September 2007)
God at the Bottom of a Cup - Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, issue #32 (Published January 2008)
End User - AnotheRealm (Published December 2008)
The Leaf Gatherer - Electric Velocipede (Published Summer, 2009)
The Stonecutter - Electric Velocipede (Due 2010)

On "Our Last Words"

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