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Once upon a time, Chris designed microprocessors for Intel Corporation in California. Fearing life might become too easy, he left the United States and moved down to Brazil to run a penniless video game start-up.  He took with him just the essentials: two suitcases of clothes and a stuffed dragon.

But more on that later.

Chris has been creating stories since before he could write, but has dedicated the last several years to improving his craft (i.e., figure out what the hell he's doing). He's participated in critique groups, attended Viable Paradise workshop, and written hundreds of thousands of words.

He still has a long way to go.

As for Brazil, there were some rough years, but it turned out all right. Chris worked many years at his studio and eventually became Creative Director of Ubisoft Brazil.  These days Chris is a university professor and independent consultant, working with narratives and intellectual property creation.

And, most important, he still has the dragon.

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