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Chris Nakashima-Brown writes pulp fiction for smart people. Avant-pop for the 9/11 generation, with answers to unasked questions like: Whatever happened to the guest appearance of Jorge Luis Borges on The Love Boat? What if Beltway psychological warfare operatives coopted Saddams Frazetta-dealer? What if William S. Burroughs ghost-wrote the new season of 24? What if Conan the Barbarian were reborn as a redneck security contractor in 21st century Baghdad? What if our enemies had imaginary weapons that actually *worked*? Using the tools of speculative fiction to remix politics, media and consciousness in the apocalyptic new century, Nakashima-Brown is a product of Austins Turkey City Writers Workshop, and a member of the group blog No Fear of the Future.


February 2007

The Bunker of the Tikriti

Cross Plains Universe
November 2006

Wild Tchoupitoulas
Spicy Slipstream Stories
Wheatland Press
Fall 2006

Welcome Back Qatar
May 2006

Les Derniers Jours dHervem>
Space Squid
July 2005

Ghulistan Bust-out
MonkeyBrain Books, 2005

Suburbia Deserta
June 2005
(originally published in Paper Radio #12)

Immaculate Perception
Argosy #3
Spring 2005

Prisoners of Uqbaristan
Strange Horizons
October 18, 2004

Script-Doctoring the Apocalypse
The Infinite Matrix
December 2003

The Launch Pad
Argosy #1
Fall 2003

A Brief History of Negative Space
June 2002


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A hot up-and-coming sf writer whose prose is slick, post-Gibsonian, and funny as hell, like Neal Stephenson meets Hunter S. Thompson.

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JG Ballard with a Texas twang.

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Like a cross between William Gibson and Mark Leyner.

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One of the few, the proud, the elite: a science fiction writer who can genuinely outdo the aberrant weirdness in contemporary headlines.


Nastily funny.

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The strangest, farthest out piece of fiction Ive ever read.


Nakashima-Brown's prose is effortless. He pulls off fanciful imagery and dry humor with a distinctive flair. And between the sidewise smirks, there's enough oblique political digging to make Jon Stewart proud.

Invisible Library

Borges in a pop culture blender.

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Chris Nakashima-Brown is keeping cyberpunk alive with his wicked, apocalyptic, war-on-terror humor.