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Cat Rambo lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest with her charming spouse Wayne and two cats.  Among the places her work has appeared are Fantasy Magazine, Chiaroscuro, Talebones, and Strange Horizons. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars, where she studied with John Barth and Steve Dixon, she attended the Clarion West Writers' Workshop in 2005.   She is currently finishing a fantasy novel set in the same world as many of her stories, tentatively entitled The Water's Secret: A Novel of Tabat.  She is the Clarion West publications manager and maintains the Suite 101 Fantasy and Science Fiction page.


  • DARK RECESSES, forthcoming. Niobe in the Seattle Rain.
  • SUBTERRANEAN, forthcoming. The Surgeon's Tale (with Jeff Vandermeer)
  • INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW, forthcoming. The Towering Monarch of His Race
  • AXXON, forthcoming. Maldad. (translation of Wickedness)
  • AXXON, forthcoming. Cerdos Magnificentes. (translation of Magnificent Pigs)
  • FANTASY, forthcoming. Sugar.
  • SYBIL'S GARAGE, forthcoming. An Appetite for Love
  • PRIME CODEX,  forthcoming. Tick-tock Girl
  • SALT: THE SURFRIDER ANTHOLOGY, forthcoming. Nine Sisters
  • SHIMMER, forthcoming. Eagle-haunted Lake Sammammish
  • SAY..., forthcoming. A Key Decides Its Destiny
  • STRANGE HORIZONS, February, 2007. Foam on the Water
  • ABYSS & APEX, January, 2007. 10 New Metaphors for Cyberspace
  • TALEBONES, Winter 2006. Memories of Moments, Bright As Passing Stars
  • FORGOTTEN WORLDS, December, 2006. Alkyone's Journey
  • FANTASY MAGAZINE, December, 2006. The Dead Girl's Wedding March
  • AOIFE'S KISS, December, 2006. The Bear
  • STRANGE HORIZONS, November 28, 2006. Magnificent Pigs
  • 21 STARS, August, 2006. Rest
  • STACCATO MAGAZINE, August, 2006. Requiem for a Cowgirl
  • ABERRANT DREAMS, Spring 2006. Mother's World
  • SYBIL'S GARAGE, Spring, 2006. Lonesome Trail
  • TWISTED CAT TALES, 2006. Raven
  • CHIAROSCURO, October, 2005. Grandmother's Road Trip
  • CYBER AGE ADVENTURES, September, 2005. Ticktock Girl
  • GRYPHONWOOD, Summer, 2005. Dryad's Kiss
  • CAFE IRREAL, May, 2005. The Accordion
  • FLASH FANTASTIC, February, 2005. Wickedness
  • FLASHSHOT, December, 2004. Love in Brine
  • FERAL FICTION, November, 2004: Acquainted with the Night
  • DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES, Winter 1997: Hands
  • 13TH MOON, Winter, 1992: Bigfoot
  • THE CORNFIELD REVIEW, Spring, 1992: Coffee Cup Song
  • FLORIDA REVIEW, Summer, 1991: Wants and Desires
  • CREAM CITY REVIEW, Spring, 1991: Falling
  • WALDEN REVIEW, Spring, 1991: The Accordion
  • SUN DOG, Fall, 1990: Counting
  • ASYLUM, September, 1990: Reminiscences of Planet Crabby

(Nonfiction and poetry writing credits are listed at Cat's website,



Emerald City
on "Lonesome Trail"

My favorite was Cat Rambos "Lonesome Trail", a succinct, magical transmutation of poetry-writing into a night journey through a luminous desert valley.

Tangent Online
on "Magnificent Pigs"

What can I say about Magnificent Pigs by Cat Rambo other than youd have to be a heartless cad not to be emotionally moved by it? After the death of his parents in an auto accident, Aaron gives up his dream to be an artist to tend to the family pig farm while taking care of his sister, Jilly, who is dying from cancer. At first, I was put off by the infodump of background (even though the infodump also possessed an emotional drive) while wondering when the speculative element would show itself. But the pleasant surprise at the end placed all my doubts aside. And, upon further consideration, there really wasnt that much in the way of infodump. I read the same way I write: impatiently. But it seems Ms. Rambos writing skills can bypass even my impatience. So, hats off to Magnificent Pigs.

on "The Dead Girl's Wedding March"

Best of all is Cat Rambo's arch "The Dead Girl's Wedding March", about a dead girl who is courted by a rat. The story really concerns the nature of the city she "lives" in, and what her marriage will mean to it.

on "Memories of Moments, Bright as Falling Stars"

...Cat Rambos Memories of Moments, Bright as Falling Stars, one of the better cyberpunkish stories Ive read recently. Two young people, essentially runaways, attempt to qualify for an actual job using stolen memory implants and other means to increase their chances.

Velcro City Tourist Board
on "Memories of Moments, Bright as Passing Stars"

The superbly monikered Cat Rambo turns out a traditionally gritty slice of urban cyberpunk with Memories of Moments, Bright as Falling Stars. Its getting harder and harder to do anything truly original with the cyberpunk format, due to the fact that we live in a world almost indistinguishable from the classics of the subgenre, but Rambo sidesteps the pitfall by getting the details right and drawing the reader in with strong characters.

Tangent Online
On "Memories of Moments, Bright as Falling Stars"

Memories of Moments, Bright As Falling Stars by Cat Rambo is a disturbing cyberpunk tale of characters living on the fringes of society. ...Rambo successfully captures the self-mutilating, self-serving desperation of back alley life with her description and dialogue.

Tangent Online
on "Mother's World"

In Cat Rambo's Mother's World," the most elite can transfer memories to the Internet and live as Netizens inside different servers all over the world. Arwen has never been good at making her own decisions, so when she Emancipated herself from her mother and left to join a church, she thought everything would change for the better. Then she learns that her mother is sick and plans to live the rest of her life in cyberspace. Rambo has a subtle yet powerful touch to her storytelling that evokes a sense of dread and hope simultaneously, making "Mother's World" a strong entry that had me reflecting on where the future of our own Internet might take us.

on "Grandmother's Road Trip"

Author Cat Rambo gives credence to her name with a tale (involving a cat), entitled Grandmothers Road Trip. The predominant theme here is one of metaphor: A family of mother, daughter and grandmother are on an escort mission cross-country which will eventually see Grandma placed in a nursing home against her will. The road is long, and mirrors lifes journey to reach old age. What works well here is not so much the supernatural undertones as sharing space with three generations of women and how they interact with each other. The prose is literate and at times funny Grandmothers Road Trip is certainly one of the stand outs.

Tangent Online
on "The Dead Girl's Wedding March"

It wasnt until reading "The Dead Girls Wedding March" by Cat Rambo that I thought it about time someone wrote a zombie fairy tale...speculative fictions task is to explore new territory, and in its own eccentric way, this story does that. It also shows that a talented writer can get away with just about anything.

Tangent Online
on "Ten New Metaphors for Cyberspace"

Ten New Metaphors For Cyberspace by Cat Rambo is full of tantalizing discourse and imagery. The author has done an excellent job of weaving the language of cyberspace into everyday life, fancifully and abstractly. For example, she describes a carpet that has old e-mail messages woven into the warp and weft of its threads and a quilt that is a wooly blanket of processes scratchy to the touch.