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Bill Kte'pi is a New Orleans writer who doesn't live there anymore, wasn't born there, hasn't got any family there, but nevertheless never felt at home anywhere else.  He's temporarily living in New England, where at least the pizza is good and the Red Sox are the home team. 

His fiction has been published in Strange Horizons and the Fortean Bureau, among other places.  Over the years (fewer than some, more than others), he's also written roleplaying games (Santa's Soldiers for Deep 7, columns on horror and religion in games in various venues).  He continues to work as an independent scholar, contributing material for high school textbooks, encyclopedias, and other reference works. A lengthy essay he wrote about David Lynch's use of music and sound keeps showing up on "term paper for sale" sites, against his wishes; heed his warning, it is not worth the money.

You will be delighted to know he also proposed the flavor that became Ben and Jerry's Full VerMonty, though he didn't pick the name.  He's been cooking since he was a preteen, and gets most of his inspiration in that area from Fergus Henderson, Mario Batali, Ferran Adria, and southern cooking.

Two of his short stories -- "The Cheshire" and "The Minotaur" -- have been the basis for songs by award-winning filk singer Michelle Dockrey.  The first of them, "The Girl That's Never Been," won the Pegasus award for Best Filk Song in 2006; this is rather like bragging about his grandchildren.

It's pronounced "kuh TEH pee," by the way.


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Tangent Online
on "The Kingfish and the Tunguska Machine"

Even though it seems like Ktepi throws everything and the kitchen sink into the story, it works just fine. On a deeper level, the story examines the politics of empire building and the machinations of the powerful, with the moral that power corrupts. Its well written and a fantastic read.