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Alex Wilson is a writer and actor in Carrboro, NC (originally from the Cleveland, OH area). He





Campbell Award qualifying publication:

"Outgoing" (novelette) in Asimov's, February 2007


"Harp" (fantasy) in Cabinet des Fees, Upcoming

"Spoils of Springfield" (fantasy) in Shimmer, Upcoming

"A Wizard of MapQuest" (fantasy) in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #23, December 2008

"Chance of Snow" (fantasy) in Flytrap #10, November 2008

"Spent" (fantasy) in Supergrrrl Adventure Comics #1, September 2008 (about/find it)

"Dry Frugal with Death Rays" (science fiction) in Futurismic, August 2008 (full text)

"Contents" (non-genre) in The Rambler, March 2008

"Shooting Dogs for Fun and Profit" (fantasy) in ChiZine/Chiaroscuro, October 2007 (full text)

"Outgoing" (science fiction/fantasy) in Asimov's, February 2007 (preview/find it)


"Werewolves Playing Poker" (fantasy gag cartoon) in File 770, Upcoming

"It Must Be Kissed" (fantasy) in Pulp Planet, Upcoming

"The Whores in Trinidad Need Witnessing to" (western) in Outlaw Territory II, Upcoming

"You Got Your Schwarzenegger in My President" (comedy/SF) in Supergrrrl Adventure Comix #2, Upcoming

"Groundbound" (science fiction) in FutureQuake #10, June 2008 (preview/find it)

"The First Noel" (non-genre) published as a standalone webcomic story, December 2006 (full story)

"Persistent City" (non-genre) in The Florida Review, Fall 2006, and Hope: New Orleans, September 2007 (preview/find it)

"Undersweet" (non-genre) published as a webcomic, August 2003 through November 2004 (archive)


"Squatter's Rites" (fantasy) in Weird Tales, Upcoming

"Church of Saturn" (science fiction) in Murky Depths #2, December 2007

"StocK Car Relativity" (science fiction) in Inconsequential Art #1, April 2007

"Forever Fair" (non-genre) in Pif, August 1999

"Tree Sprites Never Learn" (fantasy/YA) in Spellbound, Fall 1999

Gaming Material:

"Bilsang" (game design, co-writer) in the backmatter to Mike Resnick's novel Starship: Pirate

"For Glory, Love, and All the Right Reasons..." (rpg supplement, co-writer) in Dragon Magazine #273, July 2000


on "Outgoing"

[A] promising new writer.

Publishers Weekly
on "Pinocchio is Punching You"

"In this funny sendup of the classic fairy tale, Pinocchio, having been made a boy, wants one more thing: to be made a ninja. Pinocchio hangs out at the mall, where a bully convinces him that ninja mastery can be had-at a price. The story sharply outlines the oddity of pre-pubescent boys' fixations (ninjas, zombies, petty theft and bra straps), and its playful blend of realism and fantasy is just right. The author has a sharp ear for dialogue and for the unusual highways and byways that adolescent conversations take. It's a clever idea executed ably; lots of laugh-out-loud moments and off-beat humor pepper this fun, inventive romp."